Corporate Purpose Becoming a Prerequisite for Recovery

Corporate Purpose Becoming a Prerequisite for Recovery

By: Jeff Pundyk

“Nothing can compensate for the human suffering, lives lost, and economic devastation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet in the face of these challenging times, we are seeing the acceleration of two trends that could leave a positive mark on business and its role in society.

As business leaders throughout the world think about recovery, many are returning to their mission statements, those lofty sentiments that so many put aside in their relentless pursuit of growth. Forced now to prioritize resilience over efficiency and cash over debt, purpose may finally be moving from a marketing slogan to an essential operating principle.”

Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips wants to share a new article written by Senior Advisor, Jeff Pundyk, and published by The Conference Board: Corporate Purpose Becoming a Prerequisite for Recovery. In the article, Jeff describes how companies’ recovery from the effects of COVID-19 will require a strong framework for corporate structure and decision-making.

In addition to working with ODP, Jeff counsels B2B companies on their content strategy and investments while serving as a Senior Fellow at The Conference Board, a leading non-profit think tank that conducts research on the global economy.

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