Polls, Politics and Trusted Insights: Delivering Context & Meaning in Uncertain Times

Following the most bitter and hard-fought election in recent American history, the I.D.E.A. team today publishes its latest report:

Polls, Politics and Trusted Insights: Delivering Context & Meaning in Uncertain Times

Based on a discussion of experts gathered by ODP just before the Presidential election, our new report examines the stress-filled world of election polling, the factors disrupting the field, and the future of the insights industry in politics, public affairs and advocacy.

Some questions we address:
How have this year’s tumultuous events affected the industry?
How can polling’s clear shortcomings be overcome?
What inputs beyond polling are needed to deliver useful insights?
What role does social media play?
What are the similarities and differences between corporate and political work?
How can insights firms address new tech-fueled business opportunities?

We hope you find it interesting and useful. Let us know.


Download the full report by clicking here