Linda Pullan

Senior Advisor

Joined Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in 2019.

Linda Pullan is the founder of Pullan Consulting, which helps in all aspects of business development for fund raising and partnering, including outreach, evaluation, valuation, negotiation and strategy. Linda and her team have an extensive deal sheet from company acquisitions to Phase III to preclinical candidates to technologies, with deals and clients in the US, Europe, and Asia

Linda has a PhD in biochemistry and 10-years-experience in pharmaceutical drug discovery, including leading the team that put the multi-billion antipsychotic Seroquel into development. She joined licensing at AstraZeneca and then was head of oncology and hematology licensing at Amgen.

Linda then joined Kosan Biosciences as VP of Business development. Now for over 10 years, she and her team at Pullan Consulting serve as business development to a wide array of biotechnology and pharma companies. She has worked on over 100 deals with billions in total deal value.

She has served as CEO and on several boards for small companies and for the AUTM Foundation. She has spoken at many meetings, published many papers and chapters.

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