The Insights Industry Beyond Covid-19


The Insights Industry Beyond Covid-19

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended the global economy, and the Insights industry has shown itself far from immune. Still, the effects of this Black Swan catastrophe are not falling evenly across the thousands of companies under the Insights umbrella. While some firms have been brought to their knees, others are posting record revenues. Size has little to do with it. Rather, the immediate winners are companies with products and services that accommodate social distancing and working from home. But whether you call yourself qual or quant or some Muggle-like mixture, Covid-19 is inducing the birth of a new world for the entire industry.

Elaine Riddell and John Matthews, Managing Directors along with me here at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips, are all Insights alumni and continue to track the industry closely. Our new report, The Insights Industry Beyond Covid-19, details our view on the industry’s unexpected but rapid evolution. We also lay out steps we think companies need to take to endure through the crisis and then thrive once it’s behind us.

Warm Regards,

Ken Sonenclar

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