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Global Transaction Advisory

At Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips, we recognize that achieving the optimal outcome for our clients is about more than just valuation. We’ve been on the other side of the table, buying and selling our own companies, and know what is required for a transaction to be successful. We work closely with our clients to understand and attain their particular objectives, both personal and financial.  As part of Oaklins International, we leverage our on-the-ground presence to deliver the unparalleled service you deserve. Oaklins’ track record of over 1,500 closed deals in the past 5 years shows that we obtain results every step of the way.

Sell-Side M&A

  • You gave your company your all. We’ll do the same for you with our access to buyers around the globe.
  • The process of selling a company is complex, disciplined and individualized. We structure the process to fit the client—not the other way around. The client’s strategic advantage determines our recommendation of a full auction, a limited auction, or a negotiated transaction (sometimes called a pre-emptive transaction).
  • Through a combination of our own vast network of contacts, and that of our international partners in Oaklins, we identify the most likely buyers — not merely the most obvious.
  • The right positioning is critical — we know how to craft an Information Memorandum that will resonate with buyers. We use personal outreach to communicate the value and strategic fit to each potential buyer.
  • We run a disciplined process, leveraging our industry knowledge, relationships and deal expertise in order to drive greater value and achieve a successful outcome.
  • Additionally, our track record of over 700 sell-side divestitures in the past 5 years shows that we deliver results every step of the way.

Buy-Side M&A

  • Firmly rooted in the local market with collaboration on a global scale, we help identify the most extraordinary opportunities, often in unexpected places.
  • When advising buyers, we deploy our industry expertise and our in-depth understanding of our client’s acquisition strategy to find the right company or asset at the right price. Once the fit has been determined, we help structure a transaction that resolves complex issues and produces a solution that works for all parties.
  • Our buy-side assignments—like all of our work—are conducted by Partners and Managing Directors with an intimate understanding of the markets we cover.
  • Oaklins’ track record of over 200 buy-side acquisitions in the past 5 years, carefully selecting a wide range of domestic and overseas targets for buy-and-build programs shows that we deliver results each and every time.

Corporate Finance

  • Relationships foster success. We underpin every relationship with a commitment to integrity and independence. By not being part of a large accounting firm or bank, we provide unbiased, conflict-free advice and funding services to all of our clients, be they companies, management teams, supervisory boards or large shareholders.
  • Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips’ deep knowledge of operations and our financing know-how allows us to identify successful solutions for a variety of complex corporate finance scenarios. Whether arranging acquisition financing, securing growth equity investment, or restructuring an existing capital structure, we offer access to the widest range of lenders and investors in the industries we serve.


  • For clients who are considering the sale of their company, thinking of retiring, looking for financing or a new investor – or who may be engaged in a legal action – Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips has the requisite expertise and experience to work with clients and their advisors to provide the kinds of valuation answers that are essential when addressing these critical issues.
  • With decades of collective M&A experience, leading hundreds of transactions, both as owner/operators and as bankers, we understand what drives enterprise value. Our experts have the relevant financial and modeling expertise to analyze the value of a business using the most sophisticated and appropriate methods, including both the Market Approach and Income Approach.
  • Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips has completed numerous formal written valuations for clients that include major media companies, leading commercial banks, Private Equity sponsors and attorneys as well as individual company owners and entrepreneurs. We support every client with trust, pragmatism and professionalism.
  • With us as your partner, you’re equipped with the agility to navigate market changes, pursue creative and powerful new directions, and realize your vision.


  • Provide a workbook with step-by-step instructions for how to use QuickValue.
  • Help identify the industry your business is in. If you are in more than one industry, we’ll help you recognize that you are and determine which ones.
  • Advise you on how to prepare your Profit & Loss statement.
  • Create your industry index of public companies and compare them with the multiples for M&A transactions using our databases.
  • Calculate your value.
  • Explain the findings to your owners, board or management team.

For more information, please contact Reed Phillips III at r.phillips@dp.oaklins.com or 212-686-9700.

QuickValue: Discover Your Value and Empower Your Business in Three Easy Steps will be published as a hard-cover book by McGraw Hill on November 30th and is available now on Amazon. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE


  • Our licensing division was created to help clients looking to leverage their brand to tap into a new lucrative source of revenue. Digiday recently reported that, “Meredith Corporation, Hearst, BuzzFeed and Conde Nast have all seen their annual total sales of branded merchandise increase from 2018 to 2019 by tens of millions of dollars, if not billions.”
  • David Graff leads this practice at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips as Managing Director of Licensing. David began his career in licensing in the 1990s at Hearst Magazines where he built a licensing business that exceeded $750 million in retail sales annually. Since 2000, David Graff has provided independent services to an impressive list of licensing clients, including:
    • Media:
      • Mansueto Ventures: Inc. and Fast Company
      • Time Inc.
      • Newsweek
      • Weekly Reader
      • Ringer Publishing
      • Workman Publishing
    • Museums/Non-profits:
      • American Folk Art Museum
      • The National Audubon Society
      • Outward Bound
    • Celebrities:
      • Bob Vila
      • Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill
      • LuAnn de Lesseps
      • Peter Max
      • Thelonious Monk

If you would like to explore whether Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips can create licensing opportunities for your brands, please contact Reed Phillips, Managing Partner, at r.phillips@dp.oaklins.com or 212-651-2606.


Our affiliation with Oaklins provides us with expertise and experience in restructurings and bankruptcies. Our Oaklins team will explore and evaluate all strategic alternatives to design a tailored solution. Specific services include:
  • Refinancing existing indebtedness
  • Out-of-court divestitures of assets, divisions or controlling interests
  • Section 363 “going concern” sales or purchases
  • Arranging debtor-in-possession loans or exit financing loans for Chapter 11 cases
  • Formulating or evaluating plans of reorganization
  • Litigation support and expert testimony in court proceedings
Our team includes these experienced executives:
  • Mark A. Filippell, an Oaklins Managing Director in our Cleveland office, has completed over 40 restructurings and bankruptcies
  • Robert C. Grien, an Oaklins Managing Director in New York City, has nearly 30 years of experience in complex financial restructurings
For more information, please contact Reed Phillips III at r.phillips@dp.oaklins.com or 212-686-9700.

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