DeSilva+Phillips Steps Up Integration with Oaklins

SOURCE: Folio 

DeSilva+Phillips Steps Up Integration with Oaklins, Changes Name

The former DeSilva+Phillips (D+P) announced today that it is stepping up its integration with mid-market M&A firm Oaklins, changing its name to Oaklins DeSilva + Phillips, and now operating as the primary Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) specialist of Oaklins.

According to a company statement, Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips, the independent financial firm offering financial advisory services, has 30 professionals who will now collaborate with 49 Oaklins TMT bankers internationally. Overall, the Oaklins TMT practice employs 79 bankers across 40 countries, and has completed almost 200 transactions in the past three years.

The D+P change comes at a time when, according to a company press release, many transactions in the industry are becoming cross-border. Additionally, the statement says that the merging of technology, media and telecom reflects the need for M&A advisors to reach mobile and tech savvy users.

“Telcos are providing agency services; Publishers are becoming information companies and app developers; and Technology companies are leading the charge in content creation, both user generated and proprietary,” the company press release states.

D+P was originally launched in 1996, closing over 300 deals since its inception and serving as a crucial player in M&A brokerage for the magazine industry. The organization is headed by Roland DeSilva, chairman, and Reed Phillips, managing partner.

Phillips tells Folio: that D+P has not sold an equity stake. He says the organization has implemented the shared brand name, but will continue to run its business independently in terms of economics and decisions, hoping to increase its collaboration with the other firms through the integration with Oaklins.

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