Interesting News in Education – January 2019

Interesting News in Education
January 2019


Bookseller sting on Amazon aims to weed out counterfeit textbooks, but small sellers are caught in …
Booksellers are among the millions of Amazon’s third-party sellers, … But Oppenheim told CNBC that the publishers have given Amazon the flexibility …
Apple says artificial intelligence and machine learning ‘critical area’ as it promotes AI chief
Eight months after Apple hired John Giannandrea, Google’s former search and artificial … database of facts about things like movies, books, TV shows, and so on. … “Machine learning and AI are important to Apple’s future as they are …
SaaS Deployment of Blackboard Learn Continues to Gain Momentum Around the World
Blackboard Inc. today announced that 500 institutions and organizations around the world are now delivering online courses …
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