Jellysmack Acquires Network Media in a Deal at the Forefront of the Creator Economy

Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips client Network Media LLC, a high-growth innovator in the creator economy, has been acquired by Jellysmack, the global creator company. With 350 billion combined video views since 2020 and an innovative, data-driven content creation system, Network Media is a proven leader in supporting emerging content creators building social media careers.

Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips served as the exclusive financial advisor to Network Media and its founder and CEO, Rick Lax, in the transaction. “When we met Rick, we knew there was something extraordinary about Network Media,” said Jay Kirsch, who led the ODP team. “Beyond the financial results, which were fantastic, it was clear that Rick was building a company for the future, not the past.”

“Jellysmack is the perfect partner for that journey,” Kirsch added. “Its leadership team understands how value is developed in the creator economy, for consumers, creators, advertisers, and investors. They used their knowledge of all four to build a plan that will continue to grow Network Media.” Likewise, Network Media strengthens and deepens Jellysmack’s capabilities across the creator lifecycle. “Rick and his network of creators are going to be an important part of their growth story,” said Kirsch.

“Jellysmack is the single most valuable multi-platform partner a digital creator can have,” said Lax. “It’s no fluke that all the biggest names across YouTube and TikTok have partnered up with Jellysmack. Network Media is honored to join forces.”

The Network Media-Jellysmack deal represents the leading edge of a creator economy that is just getting started. “We are excited to meet with founders who see the world differently,” Kirsch said. “You have to learn the new paradigm of media. Changing consumer behaviors and platforms are fueling extraordinary opportunities.”

Reed Phillips, co-founder of ODP, Partner John Kaiser, and Senior Advisor Steven Rosenbaum served on the ODP deal team. Meredith Beuchaw and Ed Zimmerman of Lowenstein Sandler acted as legal counsel for Network Media.



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About Jellysmack

Jellysmack is the global creator company that uses technology to turn the talented video creators of today into the digital icons of tomorrow. Our powerful AI detects the most promising creators and helps skyrocket their social growth through multi-platform distribution, financial backing, and data-driven content ideation. Jellysmack’s all-encompassing infrastructure provides the world’s best creators with the solutions they need to save time, take risks, and maximize their value. Jellysmack is a trusted growth partner that helps top creators Go Bigger across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Our exclusive roster includes names like MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, The Try Guys, KallmeKris, and Luisito Comunica.

Transaction TypeM&A Sell-side
ClientNetwork Media
Sold ToJellysmack
DateJune 2023